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A New Tab page that gets you what you need when you need it

Kelp automatically associates your webpages with your meetings and shows you the right links for your next meeting. Install Kelp to leave tags and folders behind, and switch to an organization system that adapts to the real world.

Made for humans

Kelp meets you where you are. It doesn’t ask you to change how you organize information or collaborate.

Quickly prepare for meetings

Kelp scans your calendar, browser history and documents to automatically collect get you the information you need when you need it.

Manage work relationships

Kelp infers associations between information, such as between a person, a meeting with the person and document edits by the person.

Your data is your data

Kelp does not store your passwords or personal data. We take security seriously and apply experience from e-commerce, and healthcare data security. Kelp’s security practices include but are not limited to: static code analysis, static dependency checking, web vulnerability scanning, end-to-end encryption, and a bug bounty program.

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    Kelp is a chrome extension that runs entirely on your computer
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    Kelp does not send your data to third parties
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    Kelp does not record your email or Google Profile
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    Kelp does not include analytics or tracking tools

Ready to get started?

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    Designed for people with too many meetings
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    Secure - Kelp does not store your data
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    Active & transparent development
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    Independently bootstrapped
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    Fast and easy to use