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About Kelp

Today, we are trapped by tools that impose physical limitations on digital tools. Nested into folders, our information is hidden from view.

Kelp gets you the documents you need when you need them by passively organizing information. It uses data signals, like if a document is edited during a meeting, to make that document easier to find. Kelp then serves that document to you automatically.

Kelp meets you where you are. You don’t need to adopt some new tagging system or spend hours moving files around.

Install Kelp. Done.

Your privacy is first

Everything you do in Kelp is anonymous and your data stays on your computer. The application is deployed “on-prem” and is fully hosted on your computer.

Kelp does not operate intermediary servers to process or store your data. None of the data fetched from third party services leaves your computer. Data is fetched when you have Kelp open and cached on your computer for 12 hours to ensure the application is fast.

Kelp does not track any sensitive data. We record completely anonymous usage statistics and error logs. We interpret the usage data in order to improve Kelp. None of the data is sold and we don’t use it for advertisements.

Kelp puts your privacy and security first. We deeply believe that limiting Kelp’s access to your data is both our best interest and your best interest and hope to be an example of privacy forward companies.

We value security

Kelp does not store your passwords or personal data. We take security seriously and apply experience from e-commerce, and healthcare data security. Kelp’s security practices include but are not limited to: static code analysis, static dependency checking, web vulnerability scanning, end-to-end encryption, and a bug bounty program.

We are building for the long term

We are self funded with the goal of building a sustainable product. Our vision is to create a useful tool with an active community paired with a clear business model.

During our public beta, Kelp is free to use. Eventually, we’ll add paid features and integrations. The clear monetization guarantees that we are able to maintain the tool for the long term.

About Me

My name is Brennan Moore. I’ve been professionally building software on the internet for the past 12 years. I’ve built tools for non-profits, art collectors, bike share companies, e-commerce startups and for healthcare enterprise. Before being a professional software engineer, I collaborated with Max Van Kleek and others at the MIT CSAIL Haystack group building tools to automate tasks pdf and assist self reflection pdf. That research with Max, combined with my work experience is what inspired the creation of Kelp.

Across all of those experiences, I’ve made a lot of simple mistakes. I’ve lost documents, missed emails, created events with the missing attendees and I’ve had coworker relationships languish. While we are responsible for our actions, humans are not well suited to dealing with the amount of information and notifications we receive every day across an increasingly vast set of sources.

I hope to use my experience to build tools that help people take back their time and attention to focus on what is most important rather than what appears urgent.